We have eight conference facilities that have been divided into different organizational styles and needs.

Executive conference

This conference is located on the rooftop overlooking the iconic silhouette of the famous Nyanchwa Hills and landscape of Kisii town.

    A wall to wall carpeted conference room, elegantly done. It can hold 100-150 Persons

Conference 001

2 boardroom-like conferences that can carry 25- 35 persons each.

Conference 002

2 conferences that can be organized to carry 150-250 persons depending on the sitting arrangement.

Conference 003

Natural window light conference that can hold up to 120 persons

Conference 004

A wall to wall carpeted conference that can hold 200-350 persons

Conference 005

Amphitheater L-shaped conference that can hold 380-500 persons

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  • Conferences are on the 4th floor and there is an elevator for easy access
  • Very well ventilated and with air conditioning available
  • We have break rooms in between the conference area for convenience
  • The ambience created for waterfall that brings in a nice breeze and a soothing sound that relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your brain.

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